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Services Offered by FHA Partners

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Quality Control

With our mortgage lending background, we review loan files from both the originator and the regulatory lens. Our knowledge of the regulatory environment allows us to provide a unique perspective while making sure you are made aware of any regulatory issues found in your loan files. We can review both conventional and Agency loan files.

We can provide:

  • FHA, USDA, HECM, VA, FNMA, FHLMC, Portfolio, and Non-QM reviews
  • Pre-funding and Post funding reviews
  • Quality Control Programs and Plans
  • Servicing reviews
  • Early Payment Default reviews
  • Appraisal reviews
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We have interfaced with state, CFPB, OCC, FDIC, and FHA examiners helping clients respond to and mitigate audit issues. Our knowledge of all facets of the loan process has proven to be extremely insightful to our clients. Our pre-state audits have been used by many of our clients to mitigate potential state audit issues.

Our audits include:

  • State pre-audits
  • CFPB pre-audits
  • FHA, VA, USDA, and HECM audits
  • Branch audits
  • Audit assistance
  • FHA Test Case audits
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Policies and Procedures

We have written policies and procedures for Federal banks, State Chartered banks, mortgage companies, and servicers. With our 30 years of lending experience, we have a working knowledge of what should be included from a regulatory perspective and feedback from past training to know how they should be written for day to day use.

Our Policies and Procedures include:

  • Regulatory both federal and state
  • Servicing
  • Origination
  • FHA Insuring
  • CFPB
  • Loan Officer Compensation
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We have a great working knowledge of all lending programs including FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, HECM, USDA, and VA. Our mortgage lending experience over the last 30 years has been very helpful to our clients as we provide practical solutions that can be used in the training of their staffs. As compliance in today's world gets more complicated, we provide solutions.

We can provide compliance assistance for:

  • CFPB regulations changes
  • FHA new Handbook 4000.1
  • VA guidelines changes
  • FNMA and FHLMC Announcements and Bulletins
  • State regulatory changes
  • MNLS changes

What Sets FHA Partners Apart?

Our Outlook and Views

We have always viewed compliance and quality control with a “glass half full” mentality, as there are many gray areas in lending that need to be reviewed and decided upon as to what is best for a company. Because of this view, we have developed a total understanding of how the federal and state regulators look at compliance issues. We understand the challenges of underwriting a file from a compliance viewpoint and from our experience, we know how to keep you safe. This helps our business partners maintain their compliance requirements while staying profitable.

Experience Makes a Difference

FHA Partners has over 26 years of mortgage experience in underwriting, quality control, and auditing throughout the United States. This includes consulting for small regional companies as well as large national companies. FHA Partners employees have been featured speakers for FNMA, the Mortgage Bankers Association, the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, and various national banks. FHA Partners is customer-centered and is all about helping companies comply with FHA, VA, CFPB, and state compliance issues, including the new HUD Handbook 4000.1. Our federal and state experience can help you stay compliant in all areas of the loan process.

The History of FHA Partners

FHA Partners is a part of Old Boise Capital, Inc., and FHA Partners has been in business since 1994 with its main business activities being mortgage compliance/quality control, property management, consulting, and real estate. Since the beginning, FHA Partners consulted with many conventional, FHA, and VA lenders in many different areas.

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